The Kid Consumer is the most comprehensive and the only global source of insight in to kids' lives.  Essential insights which empower brands to win the hearts and minds of young children, tweens, teens and youth... and their parents!

The Kid Consumer is uniquely global - no other service tracks kids, youth and families on a global scale.  So whichever market, or markets you are interested in, The Kid Consumer provides the best answers.  Knowledge and understanding of kids' daily lives, digital and media usage, behaviours, attitudes, influences and desire at your fingertips.

  • Real-time data, in-depth actionable insights
  • The why, what, when, where, how of kids' lives, loves, habits and influences
  • Revealing the latest drivers of awareness, ownership, requests and fandom
  • Identifying the latest touchpoints, kids' disruptors, barriers and influences

Apply key insights to your strategic planning with ease and speed.

The Kid Consumer's unique KPI's are tailored to meet the needs of strategic brand leaders, creatives, developers and designers, planners and analysts across kids industries

Access and Impact Rating  A.I.R.

This is a derived measure of penetration, usage and the level or quality of attention given to digital products, services and platforms and to media channels, helping you to easily identify and monitor the time and space in which to plant your brand's message for maximum impact and gain interactive brand engagement.

AIR is available in the full report, The Kid Consumer, Pen Portraits and The Kids Digital and Media Report.

Discovery Map

We identify and track the route map which kids follow to discover new brands, mapping out the landmarks and touchpoints to which kids gravitate, navigate and interact, the evolving influences and sources of new information which enter in to their orbit, to direct or divert them.

Discovery Map data is available in the full report, The Kid Consumer, and in Pen Portraits.

The Kid Consumer is a Kidz Global product range.  It is part of a family of reporting tools designed to help you monitor your brand's performance, refine key marketing and commercial objectives to secure greater success and to  identify the means to meet those objectives through marketing activity, brand developments and media engagement.  The Kidz Global team have been dedicated to improving our understanding of kids as consumers and their relationship to brands for over 30 years.